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Niagara Robotics is proud to present team Quickstrike, a team of high school aged students that are guided by skilled mentors volunteering their time to teach the crucial skills needed in a numerous fields. The program focuses on teaching robotics, and within robotics the principals of STEM (Science.Technology.Engineering.Math). Our program is based in Niagara and is open to any students who express interest. As a community based team we are able to give students the opportunity to compete in FIRST Robotics.

Our team of dedicated mentors have a passion for teaching youth the skills to enter into the fields of engineering, technology and science allowing students to jump start the next steps in their education and eventually their careers.

QuickStrike Niagara 6978

FIRST robotics is a organization that was founded to give students opportunities in STEM and provide them with a platform for solving the world’s most important problems. Our students will be the leaders of tomorrow, and we are proud that they have started and found a passion for STEM here with us!

Students involved in FIRST competitions are given a leg up over competitors when applying for college/university and when entering the workforce.

"The best decision I've ever made regarding extracurriculars.”

“Throughout my years in elementary school, I found myself constantly fascinated with technology. Sadly, I was never provided with the resources to explore this fascination. I found out about FRC from two schoolmates of mine, who were members of “Quickstrike Niagara”. I joined team 6978, and needless to say, it was the best decision I’ve made regarding extracurriculars. I was encouraged to explore past my comfort zone, and as a result, I learned many new and memorable things. My mentors were all extremely kind, lighthearted and supportive. With FRC, even the tightest competitions are friendly ones. It’s opened me up to many opportunities–especially with employers. As a proud member of team 6978, and FRC in general, I can say with confidence that it was the perfect decision, and one I’ll definitely be making again for the 2020 season.”
QuickStrike Team Member

The first experience

Getting involved with FIRST Robotics is truly a unique experience. The challenge is launched each year in early January and always pushes the boundaries for all involved. It challenges even the most experienced member with new twists and turns along the way to solving the problem.

the challenge

Build a functional robot that abides by the rules set out by the organization including; following game rules, weight and height restrictions, budget, and more! The challenge is also time sensitive, it must be completed within 6 weeks

Each team competes in two regional competitions. These are intense, fun, and rewarding experiences for students and mentors. 

The competition

Throughout the competition, points and rankings are calculated in the rounds as the teams head into the playoffs. In the playoffs teams use their scouting data to select their own alliance member they want to team up with to go for the championship.

Following district events there are Provincial championships followed by world championships.

Join Our Team

Most FIRST Robotics programs are facilitated through a high school, limiting teams to students that attend their school. Our team operates as a community team, we accept students from ALL schools across Niagara. Our team operates within a local manufacturing shop and has a dedicated space for our program. The shop is located within Vykan, a Niagara based manufacturer that houses a Waterjet machine along with other manufacturing and fabrication equipment.