First lego league

Niagara Robotics Association 




Our two FIRST Lego League teams participate in the FLL competitions that are built to introduce students to the basics of robotics.
The program utilizes the amazing and useful building blocks we all know from when we were kids, LEGO!


Students and mentors are faced with a fun and exciting challenge that simulates a real world problem.
This challenges the young minds of tomorrow to think of solutions to the problem.


The program begins in September and runs through to the end of December, culminating in a competition that brings all of the teams together to show off their map and how they chose to face the problem.

Benefits for the Students

Learn Valuable Skills

All of our students have fun and are able to learn aspects of programming, building, and problem solving.

Using Lego to complete in these competitions allows the students the opportunity to learn the basics of programming and practice creativity needed to get involved in the fields of manufacturing and designing.


Team QuickStrike 6978’s mentors played a huge part in the success of our rookie Lego League team.

Our high school students act as mentors for the LEGO League by dedicating their time to help and teach our younger students the principals that are key in learning and having success in robotics.

Program Specifics

Each team meets once a week, September to the end of December. Each team consists of 8 students, the small team sizes ensure that the students get a one on one learning experience. 


All meetings take place at the Vykan facility located in Niagara-on-the-Lake.


Meetings are conducted once a week. The specific day is determined closer to the start of the season, depending on volunteer availability. The season runs September to Mid-December.


The cost for the FIRST LEGO League team is $250 payable at registration.

Inaugural Season

In our first season our team was able to utilize the help of our FIRST team, and gain valuable knowledge and work from team QuickStrike our high school team. The students were able to build and successfully complete the FIRST Orbit challenge! All of our students had fun and were able to learn aspects of programming, Building and Problem solving! Next season will begin in Sept. 2019. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Meet the 2019 Engine, this is what makes everything go round! Using Lego to compete in these competitions gives the students the opportunity to learn the basics and creativity needed to get involved in the fields of manufacturing and designing.

Without these adaptable parts it would be much harder to allow for creativity and development of these skills.