2018 Season Feedback

Things we did well:

  • Focused on only part of the game;¬†cubes in the switch and exchange
  • Kept our design simple and robust which led to only one major repair in three competitions and very little work to be done in the pits
  • Added color to our robot which made it stand out at the competitions. Appearance of the robot and team makes a big difference in how a team is judged at the competitions.
  • Built a second robot. Adds a lot of expense but has the following pluses:
    • Trained our drive team at a practice field for many hours so they knew how to play the game very well by the time they went to their first competition
    • Allowed us to debug our des
    • ign and make software and hardware improvements that could be quickly made to our competition robot during the bagout period
    • We were able to run some practice matches with other teams to help solidify game strategy

What we could do better:

  • Better project management
  • Recruit more students. As a community based team this was a bit challenging in our first year.¬† We could improve in the following areas:
    • Provide a better understanding of what the student experience will be
    • Promote all the facets of the team
    • Promote the scholarships available
    • Help students understand the skills that they can learn as part of the team
    • Sell the value they will receive for the money spent
    • Help students and parents understand the role of robotics and technology in our future
    • Promote the career development aspects of the program
    • More community involvement
    • Better website promotion
    • Play up our colocation with our automation partner
  • Better communication with parents in the following areas:
    • Better orientation materials that explain the program in detail
    • Provide a season calendar with commitment levels at the various points in the season
    • Have an information night at various points in the season
    • Train the parents about the game and how it is played and what awards are available to the team
    • Provide a clearer description of the overall program and costs up front
  • Recruit more mentors with specific skills so that students get more one on one mentoring
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